10 27 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

6:49:05 AM: I dreamed that I attended taijutsu with Mike while Josh went off to a seminar somewhere. I said that without Josh we seemed like a suit of armor. Hard and shiny looking but with nothing holding us up inside. I dreamed that at DBC I taught people summoning and we invoked Thoth Hermes. I dreamed that I saw Ashi smoking a bong at DBC.

6:57:56 AM: So, now I have to figure out what to do.

7:42:44 AM: Great start to the morning. Now I will shower and get myself off to work. The LRBP felt really good today. Exciting times.

5:35:07 PM: I have a great feeling about this phase so far, and I also really enjoyed meeting Beatrix.

8:24:29 PM: Okay. I really luv life right now. Beatrix seems great. I mean, she seems like the most interesting and fascinating person I have met in New York so far. I will definitely have to get to know her better. I don’t know if I should play it cool or what. I just want to let her know I really like her. I mean, I luv her. Seriously.

10:27:44 PM: So I left taijutsu early today to finish up my work with RoyaltyReminder because I just saw James and Kosky there and didn’t really feel like sticking around, but before I left James brought up a really interesting point. When doing minuchi in the movement where we bring the bo around in a circle to strike at the head the scapula has tension which allows us to do that strike very quickly. James said that he felt that gyokko ryu techniques all had a lot to do with isolating the scapula. I wonder if the tiger uses the scapula in hunting?

12:33:30 AM: Marianne told me a terrifying story about her nephew. Oh, I should remember to withdraw cash because she needs a $20. He got spit on in the eye and got an infection that went into his brain and lungs? I don’t know if I believe it, but hey, I wanted to help her out.