10 29 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

7:01:53 AM: I dreamed that I went to a strange store and bought a green tea drink there. Maya Lewis had come with us. We had gone on some kind of university campus. I dreamed that I asked Sarah Birdsong for advice.

7:50:46 AM: Good LRBP this morning. I did it correctly unlike last night, although last night I felt much more of an effect. Maybe the effect I felt actually consisted of an energy imbalance that I felt, though. Interesting, I will have to continue experimenting with this ritual. I do find it has appeal.

4:23:53 PM: Head feels really strange right now, maybe too much staring at screens? Not quite sure why. I guess I will meditate on it though. I don’t feel too bloated after Chipotle, which I appreciate.

11:52:50 PM: Well, I think U’d feel proud of me. I turned my feeling of dread this morning into a great day. Did a great job as a teacher, went to all of taijutsu, and bought flowers for Daria and had a great dinner with her at Jin Ramen. So, success. And I ran into Chris Mulligan and Marianne at dinner. Fun times.

12:02:02 AM: LBRP, and now time for bed.