10 3 2014

7:02:50 AM: Dreamed about a party where a lot of people started doing taijutsu moves incorrectly and I tried showing them how to actually do it and we ended up kind of brawling outside. I met this beautiful girl who asked me if I had a girlfriend and I said I did because I thought of Daria and she said she had a boyfriend but we had a good time fighting. I also fought against someone I knew. I dreamed that my friend and I took the bag of Jordan Coate we knew and they got the police involved looking for it when really we had it and tried to get it back to them. The bag looked like Daria’s backpack and it had Jordan’s computer in it. I dreamed of setting up these corrupt undercover police at a crime scene because they didn’t have their identification. I remember giving subtle signals to my grandma who worked as a sniper? I dreamed of a woman getting trapped in an illusionary nightmare realm with Cylons torturing her. I dreamed of a boss fight where I came in and started attacking to help my friend defeat the boss. I dreamed of staying at a hotel with Daria and coming back to find that the cleaning staff had already started to take the room apart before we had checked out and while we had all our stuff there. Every room in the hotel had a different temperature and I guess we had rented a whole variety of rooms. It seemed more like a house than a hotel. I vaguely remember a road trip.

7:30:43 AM: I went pretty hard yesterday, today’s score looks intimidating. I will give it my best shot though. I do notice some muscle fatigue from yesterday, heh, so that cheater really set me up to fail today, well I will show him what I can do anyway.