10 31 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

7:01:30 AM: So pretty sure I barely slept last night. I struggle with it when Daria comes over but last night felt especially difficult. I did note that one of the symptoms of third eye opening that I read included strange sleep patterns and that people would report not getting sleep but still having enough energy to get through the day so I hope that will end up right in my case. In any case, I had really passionate luv making with Daria last night, so I enjoyed that.

7:02:56 AM: I mostly remember this one really powerful dream where I went to training with Josh and this beautiful woman (Aliza?) And he started doing this technique with her and suddenly I realized that I could see energy coursing through Josh’s veins and it freaked me out a bit. And Josh noticed the way my eyes bugged out and I stared at them and he must have sensed that I opened my third eye and he seemed to think I did it too soon or something because he said “I can’t close that” and I felt a bit sick and really disappointed that he didn’t think I should have done it. But I felt super vindicated seeing the energy warping through him. Super interesting.

3:39:34 PM: Okay, so, over the little crisis I had before. Still super intrigued by the dream last night. Feels like I stand on a verge and that my life could change dramatically soon, at least on the inside. I have a lot of energy today considering that I didn’t really sleep last night, so I don’t know what to make of that.