10 4 2014

7:03:02 AM: Woke up with a muscle spasm in my left leg today to match one I had earlier the other day in the right leg. Interesting. I hope that means they will come back stronger. I dreamed about some DBC people, and I dreamed about some magic cards and I dreamed about visiting some kind of production Sarah put on. And I dreamed that I saw Jenn.

1:06:27 PM: Had a really great time with Daria last night. I gave her a powerful orgasm, and then had one myself a little later. Good times.

1:06:52 PM: Don’t feel too messed up from last night either, despite getting crossfaded. I drank a decent amount last night, especially thanks to Peter for buying me two Suntori… Then I got high with Victor and Jeremy.

1:08:14 PM: Had an interesting discussion with Sarah about acting. I have some work to do in my lecturer role so that I can better transmit intent. I think I allow the role to actually create distance. She said it had less effective energy transfer then when I live coded because I felt more like myself while live coding.

3:08:55 PM: Okay, so Daria has left. I guess… I keep forgetting how beautiful I find her when I don’t see her. But every time we reunite I fall in luv again. So… yeah, I guess I should just stick to what I do and do me. Anyway, time to beat my score from yesterday with some workups, and then go to Josh’s class.

4:03:22 PM: Powerful KAP meditation today. I had pretty good concentration throughout, began sweating, and had strong energy chills throughout most of my body. I especially felt the crown of my head today during the chakra activation, which felt very interesting. Definitely distinct from the third eye right there.

9:41:08 PM: I should write about the events that have transpired today. So I went to class and Justin, Nicole, and both James showed up along with Josh. We reviewed Ku no Kata, and the sword uke technique we have practiced. We also did bo-uke-gata which has similarities to the sword technique but with the bo. We also practiced deflecting kicks from shizen by dropping into kamae, but not into profile. Interestingly today in class we didn’t go into profile for every technique, in fact several techniques relied on not going into profile.

9:42:47 PM: I got a lot of coding done on Self-Mastree, and I corrected the mistake of not including createdAt times, so now I can actually compute some overall averages. I have beat myself from yesterday thoroughly, and my average self, so I feel pretty good about today. I think I will do a lot more bodyweight exercise, but for the moment I have finished with Taijutsu. After I finish getting this stuff off my mind then I will go meditate for three minutes. The neighbors have a loud party happening outside, but I don’t mind too much, I will just play my music when I finish meditating.

9:47:35 PM: During meditation a lot of thoughts about DBC came up. I don’t feel comfortable taking this NT time because I feel like Lloyd didn’t tell any of the rest of the staff about it, so they will not expect it. I would rather help Alex teach the bees phase 2 than to take that time off, but I would like to get some work done on the syllabus.

10:01:21 PM: Tried some dark mirror gazing. Not sure what to make of the experience but I did get a feeling of trance and the energy shivers. Didn’t see anything exactly distinct. But my vision definitely danced around in interesting ways. That one time on the DOB I really remember face dancing though, and I saw some very ugly faces that I never the less said ILUVU to.