10 5 2014

9:06:22 AM: Dreamed Mark and I went running in the dark. We ended up at this strange church where they planned something bad. In order to escape I showed them how to use RSPEC, but then we ran to the black church that they planned to destroy and warned them. Then on the way back home we passed the original church again and I hide to very still because someone looked out the window, fortunately they didn’t find me. Mark runs very fast and had a good ability to jump over fences, I had trouble keeping up with his speed in the dream. Before we got into the weird church business the kids and I tried to play with lego mindstorms and build something while mom and dad had some sort of argument. I also remember having to fly back the day before classes began again at dev bootcamp and feeling stressed out about that. I remember going with some friends to a restaurant inside of a museum. The menu seemed pretty expensive to me, but I just ordered this gyro wrap that cost $14 and they considered that a cheap menu item, very strange.

10:13:51 AM: My mind feels rather empty this morning and I have a full day ahead of me, so I think I will take Dr. Morris’s advice and do the KAP meditation right now since I woke up recently.

10:38:18 AM: Good KAP meditation, only went through the chakra activation because it started to get too hot while wearing my sweater. Interestingly when I concentrate on certain chakras I get thoughts related to those chakras. I think I need to speak up about my NT time, that came up while trying to focus on my throat chakra. Once again I felt my crown strongly, a new feeling for me, so pretty exciting. I feel like I still need more help pinpointing where my solar plexus and stomach chakras reside as I can’t quite feel the energy down there.

12:55:10 PM: Had fun making the enhanced edition of the pheromone protocol. It seems to work pretty well, I have listened to it about twice while reading Sandman. I think I will workout a bit and then eat lunch and take a stroll in the park.

4:04:24 PM: Feeling good. I finally replied to UnaInOmnia, maybe I can finally develop those job descriptions for Erin too.

10:36:15 PM: Had an interesting time at the Temple of Thelema event. I felt slightly underwhelmed, but I suppose it served as an introduction to lay people because I felt like I had a lot of the information already. But I really enjoyed meeting Ayesha (sp?) I don’t know how to spell her name. But I guess she works for an acting class where people learned how to channel archetypes and use their intent and energy. Very interesting that. I may have said some things I might regret to Daria, I don’t know. I don’t know how to feel about her. I do luv her. I just don’t know if she will luv the person I most want to become. I saw Enrico again, and he mentioned that Ayesha also participates in the Temple, so I have some motivation to join. I guess the people who seemed to have their shit together had involvement in the temple. Several people mentioned Robert Anton Wilson today which made me feel happy. Paul Foster Case, I need to look him up. I pulled out my line about Devices and people seemed to appreciate the thought.

11:41:58 PM: Good times, beat myself in Self-Mastery again. Woot.