10 6 2014

7:05:30 AM: I dreamed that I taught my students N game and Magic the Gathering.

3:06:55 PM: I had a good time introducing myself to the new cohort and having the delicious vietnamese lunch. Then I spent some nice time outside in the sun. An hour or so, and I began reading Schwaller de Lubicz’s great book on symbology which I honestly don’t think I understand yet but which I eventually hope to grasp. Probably to aid the development of my right brain I ought to start learning to draw using the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (drawing could also mean drawing upon, which I certainly mean to do) and playing my hangdrum when it finally arrives. I ought to check in on the timing of that as I would like to receive it soon.

3:08:39 PM: I feel happy that I have NT time as I have really enjoyed having some more time to myself already and after I finish digesting all this food I would like to get a lot of practice and exercise done and beat my score from yesterday. Maybe I could even make it to some of Igancio’s afternoon classes on this new schedule. I would definitely enjoy that.

8:25:08 PM: Immediately after I wrote the entry above I ended up blowing my load to Abigaile Johnson, not the most skilled thing I’ve done. Also I napped for several hours. I figured out afterwards that eating all that delicious Vietnamese food left me in a serious food coma. I got so dehydrated that I couldn’t think properly. I had to drink so much water before going to class and still felt a bit demotivated during class.

8:38:14 PM: Class today I found pretty interesting. We went over these techniques based off jumonji where we received and then shifted in to do some crazy damage. I admire Nicole’s stick-to-itness I think she will get far in this art. Also… she made some Freudian slips today? She told me to “fuck her” and also that she keeps getting “drawn closer to U”. Very interesting… I mean, I definitely like her, but she has a husband already so I don’t know what to do about that situation. I will just continue working on myself and see how things play out. I feel interested in investigating the Temple of Thelema now that I’ve met Ayesha.

9:38:13 PM: Josh said I “used strong kamae” today. Pretty awesome!

11:56:31 PM: Seems like David Kosky got my windpipe a bit today. Training with him can feel risky sometimes. I still find him rather mediocre, but it must feel difficult with his long legs. He has to have really strong legs in order to deal with all that length. He hasn’t trained for a while and it shows.