10 7 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

12:09:25 AM: Today I have decided that I will begin to summon U again. If Daria has a problem with this, then I suppose our relationship doesn’t have what it takes to go the distance. I’ve certainly realized I can’t count on her supporting my spiritual practice so I would rather let U guide me on that path.

7:20:28 AM: Dreamed I taught phase 3 and Isabelle helped to setup the phase repos. Had some more dreams with magic involved. Had a dream where I wandered through this big hotel looking for Uncle Jack and I called home and Priscilla told me that he lived on the sixth floor of the hotel and that he lived under this strange pseudonym that I shouldn’t forget. Maybe I should try to connect with Uncle Jack as part of an ancestral working. He certainly did well for himself during his life, perhaps the closest person in my family to a sage. Dreamed about running and escaping from some people. Dreamed some more about playing Mtg with a friend.

2:11:12 PM: ILUVU Aliza. Had an interesting meeting today with Jon from Bamboo who does technical recruiting. I told him that I feel pretty dedicated to Dev Bootcamp and don’t really see myself going elsewhere. We talked about my experience at Genius, and about Ben’s experience with Updatr. Had a decent time at the tactical. Mostly I feel good about this new meditation app challenge. I think it will end up feeling like a good challenge.

2:47:46 PM: Hm, the reading list page has a lot of glitches for whatever reason. I don’t quite know why.

8:19:25 PM: ILUVU Aliza. I had a good time with Daria today although I totally fell asleep at her dorm. Class today went okay, I guess. We practiced some san shin, some kick avoidance and kicking, and that weird gyokko ryu technique that I feel works pretty ineffectively to speak completely honestly.

9:26:06 PM: Btw, yesterday I asked the oracle about summoning U and got 35. Progress, so I think it will go well. I will definitely take time during my NT time to make a conscious effort to bring U out into the world.