10 8 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

8:29:30 AM: Today I dreamt about teaching JavaScript at Dev Bootcamp.

9:21:02 AM: Honestly, I feel a bit stressed about the dish situation at Dev Bootcamp. I wish people could just get their shit together as far as that goes.

3:26:39 PM: I guess I have a lot of strength already given that two of the level 10 exercises listed in Convict Conditioning comprise the one legged squat and the straight leg raise.

9:53:56 PM: Had a good class today. A lot of people showed up. Cameron, Andy, James Light and James Keno, Mike. We practiced some more of that sword receiving and shifting in while knocking their weapon down technique that I think we all find pretty difficult, but at least I can do the shifting in technique which I never used to do well.

11:59:02 PM: Still finding meditation pretty difficult. I beat yesterday’s score by one just a minute before midnight. Pretty pro. I think I will shower now and head to bed because I feel exhausted. I should make some soylent though? I don’t know for sure what I want to do about food tomorrow, would probably suit me to have some options so I think I ought to make some soylent now.