12 1 2013


Working on the user listing feature. I think my next priority should probably be site stats, for my own gratification. Daria suggests email validation too, but I still have so much user management and permissions work to do.

Made it so that using the quickswitcher but canceling takes you back to where you were editing.


Should do this.


Been sticking to pull-ups mostly, but I should start doing pistols with more regularity again.


Practiced bo furi a bit today and realized that I don’t even understand the principle of it and have no idea what the hell I’m doing, so I watched a few videos for reference. I’m going to let my subconscious absorb it over night and give it another try tomorrow.

I’m trying to practice that feeling of “being balanced”. I think I was in a special state last night, because I was… post getting high and orgasm, and I’ve had a lot of taijutsu revelations after that. I think it’s just from being very relaxed.

I think I’m making some progress in tsuki. It seems like I’m getting the back foot correct which is the last thing that Josh told me to work on. Along with that I’m getting the back leg straight, which is correct. I’m trying to see if I can keep my back hip down, which I’ve been trying to do, but it’s hard for me to tell if I’m doing i form my own vantage point, so I will need an outside observer to let me know.


Daria says, “I wish I could give your parents a medal: best fuck ever.” I’m really proud of Daria because she has started a work out program for herself.

Tonight I think that I will start my Bullet journal since it is December 1st. Bullet journal is started. I’ve decided that I will reply to Sue Jackson, but I will do it as Manual Benedict, and then become Manual Benedict. In fact, I am going to start doing a lot of writing as/about Manual Benedict and manifest him into my life.