12 10 2013


9:40:35 AM: Been a bit lacking in this category lately. It would be cool to have keyboard short cuts to page back and forth between the journal. I’m thinking it might be worthwhile to keep a todo list in here since this is starting to become my most referred to website.


9:37:38 AM: Hm, based on my journal yesterday wasn’t a particularly productive day, but it was actually better than it seems since I started the day off with KAP meditation and also ended the day with KAP meditation. Last night felt very strong, I could feel the energy rewiring my brain quite a bit and I was getting chills all over my body. Next time I do it I’m going to try running the energy up my front and down my back because that seems to be more natural for me. I still don’t quite get the color correspondences that it is claimed I’m supposed to, but I can definitely feel the chakras for what that’s worth.



9:39:55 AM: Will be going to class today. Regrettably I haven’t really practiced jumonji since I was shown it.


9:41:23 AM: I think I will do a bunch more affirmations from How to Own the World before going in to work. While I’m there I should figure out what would be the best use of my time. Perhaps starting to refactor A/B blast generate would be.

10:23:53 AM: Lucid dreamt bouncing around in my apartment in low gravity. There was a fluffy white cat with me. The walls were covered in schizophrenic looking writing, and the ground was covered in writhing insects, but I didn’t freak out and become repulsed by the bugs. Instead of being scared, I invited them to crawl onto me and give me strength at which point they didn’t exactly flee but didn’t try to bother me either.