12 12 2013






11:11:38 AM: Weird dream with a lot of violence, fighting huge groups of people. We were also being attacked by aliens and I came up with a plan where I would attack the huge armada after we blast everyone with an EMP blast because it would disable their shields and they don’t actually pilot their ships but leave it up to AI so I had an advantage if we disabled their AI even though my own shields were down. Before that Andy and I were playing a game that involved running around a house. Before that I was playing video games with my siblings.

7:30:57 PM: Well, interviews were interesting. I’m all done now, I think I’ll sit here and read a bit until I go see Maya. Or maybe I’ll do KAP again, because I don’t really have anything better to do. I had two questions involving time series analysis, and a question about finding all boggle words, and the first question was sorting on magnetic tape, which I think I was pretty bad at.