12 13 2013






1:13:31 AM: Well, seeing Maya and Marc and meeting Richard was certainly nice. Last night I gave up two desires. My desire for Maya in exchange for Daria’s health and love. My desire for masturbation to pornography for improved eyesight. I have to be up early tomorrow, so I think I will do a bit of reading, take a bath and then KAP and go to sleep.

12:50:11 PM: Hm, the inflight internet doesn’t exactly seem to be working, but that’s quite alright, as my journal will still work in offline mode thanks to the magic of Meteor. Last night’s KAP was interesting, as at the end I was getting kriyas or spontaneous movements that were quite interesting.

12:51:31 PM: I’d have to say I am pretty happy with how this trip turned out. I feel that I have achieved some closure with various issues that have been bothering me. Flight 23 was indeed a flight of destiny. Hm, perhaps the Go Go internet network is overloaded at this point. I will have to try again later. The only downside of this trip is that I really missed out on a lot of training, but that’s okay. I think I might order some food here.

2:38:58 PM: Having some weird head sensations going on today. Pretty deep inside the left hemisphere, but also all over. It’s always encouraging to feel the rewiring going on. I think the majority of what the kundalini does is just rewire the brain so that it can move the energy appropriately through the rest of the body, which is why I have concentrated by efforts on healing the brain. Once my brain is fully functional and integrated (I hope to merge the left and right hemispheres so that they are fully capable of working in concert) then I think the rest will be easy. I am hoping that I will be able to achieve full ambidexterity through the process of merging the hemispheres, and I expect that better coordination between the eyes will improve my vision as well.

4:36:00 PM: Somehow, I’m not exactly sure how, I managed to do something that made me almost completely blind in my left eye for quite a while. It was alarming to say the least. I did the KAP meditation again, and my vision seems to have normalized again. Dr. Morris wrote that during the kundalini process he went blind for a little while, so perhaps this is just part of the healing process. I wouldn’t be surprised if my vision temporarily gets worse before it returns to being very good. This is a very interesting process to say the least. The KAP meditation never fails to get me sweaty, so I guess that is the yang energy heating me up. Doing it on the airplane was okay this time, but I cut myself off before I started doing kriyas and potentially disturbing people around me. Still had some wandering thoughts today but that has been improving. In addition to this I should just practice golden flower meditation, because that teaches several essential skills.