12 13 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

10:48:35 AM: Today I dreamed that I went to lead a bunch of my coworkers home and I couldn’t find the way and I lead them in completely the wrong direction by the time I checked google maps on my phone. I dreamed that I went home and I got in a huge argument with my parents about drugs and I couldn’t find anywhere to watch porn which I apparently wanted to do so I said I hated it at home and I wanted to leave after only staying for two days but I couldn’t figure out a good way to escape.

10:50:24 AM: Today I will dedicate myself in service to Saturn/Scythe to finish up my work on RoyaltyReminder aided by the power of Mercury/Hermes/Jaeger.

12:20:57 PM: Performed an invocation of Hermes before heading out with Daria to shaigon shack for some delicious vegetarian pho. Ended up walking to Urban Outfitters to grab some candles. I could put those to some good use in some ritual magick. I think I could cast a spell to bind a flame spirit to Daria to help her burn away her psychological and spiritual garbage. Daria has had good success with this practice of burning away what she doesn’t need and I want to encourage it. Hopefully I can get her ready to meet the luv of her life soon.

9:57:28 PM: Work on RoyaltyReminder has gone okay. I feel a little bit stuck today, but hopefully talking to Ethan tomorrow will unstick me.

9:58:03 PM: The porn demon has decided to pay a visit, first in my dreams last night and persistently. I want to hold out for U to enter my life and not get sidetracked by such things. In a moment after I digest a little more (maybe I will go do some digestion meditation) I will do a strength circuit to hopefully siphon off some of this sexual energy. Strange too because Daria and I had great sex last night. She came and then I came a little while afterwards. For a moment I felt I could have just stopped and not came, but Daria seems to feel a little disappointed if I don’t so I just went for it. Felt nice, for sure.

10:00:06 PM: Good taijutsu class today at Josh’s. Keno signed up but didn’t show up. Rob and Kosky both showed up soon after me, Nicole showed up a while later. We practiced musha-dori today, which I still find very difficult. Hard to feel the opponent’s balance and keep my own balance steady still. Josh made some interesting points though. We want to lock their hip up while going forward. We don’t want their back shoulder to come forward. They shouldn’t bend forward at the hips. If they can we should have done muso-dori instead. The forward arm could apply a strike or pressure to keep their back shoulder down, but that becomes a crutch to higher understanding.

10:14:58 PM: I worked a bit on the content of the BHD densho forum. Currently I have started updating it to the latest build of Discourse. I will consider installing a tagging extension, but it could cause problems down the road so I might not.