12 14 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

12:36:08 PM: Not sure what I dreamed about tonight, didn’t really dream much. Just a little bit. I dreamed about coding and dev bootcamp.

12:36:31 PM: Good jujutsu class today.

11:50:13 PM: Alright, well, I will do some journalling now since Daria still has work to do it would seem. I had a good jujutsu class where I met Dave, a pretty experienced white belt and we worked on the drills together. A woman named Karen came to visit and Sebastian took some time to give her a tour and show her the techniques, and then she worked in with Dave and I. She picked it up pretty fast, perhaps despite her disbelief. We practiced the two triangle escapes today. The triangle escape involving falling over onto one hip had a different twist today, I guess Sebastian teaches it differently than Russ. Russ had us grabbing the opponent’s lapel from behind. I escaped Dave’s triangle a few times, a few other times he choked me out. I never managed to pull a triangle on Dave, I don’t feel super solid on doing triangles yet. After Dave I went up against Mark, an older guy who sort of reminds me of Dr. Morris (having never met him in real life). Larger dude, maybe twice my weight and looks in his fifties. We had two good matches, one that ended due to time, one where he got an interesting finish on me from behind. I found myself working pretty defensively against him. Against Dave at one point I found myself in turtle doing the daoist turtle breath to try to siphon energy off of him and tire him out.

11:59:04 PM: Anyway, later on I had a nice meeting with Ethan at his apartment where I met his wife Barbara and I also saw Ezra and Manya again. Nice to see Manya, she came and said hello. I would like to catch up with her soon, I haven’t really spoken to her in ages and she had a big role in my life when I first came to New York. Ethan offered to pay me today which I politely declined because I feel like I haven’t finished a successful first iteration yet. We discussed design and thankfully we share a common design sense so I will take the sites he suggested and steal their CSS. Good times. And I have a bunch of work to do still with the tagging system which I really need to figure out. Maybe I can extend some of that over to justatus though. So good times.

12:02:42 AM: After I came home I helped Daria move more of her stuff back to the apartment. Which has given me a lot of mixed feelings. To speak completely honestly I feel a little bit cramped and I feel the clutter coming back into my life and I don’t know what to do except wait and see if Daria really does throw out half her stuff like she claims that she wants to. I really like owning very little and I still feel like I own too much right now, hopefully one day I will reach the point where I own very little. I need to go to bed soon because I did not sleep well last night and I have work tomorrow and I feel like I have a lot to do tomorrow so I need some rest, I have a lot of JavaScript that I need to teach and I don’t even know how to cover it all.