12 15 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

7:33:44 AM: In the middle of some silly drama about football games, with a team scoring dramatically and people chanting, I remember a pretty little blond girl getting a procedure done on a dentist chair looking thing. Her (adoptive?) mother, her younger (adoptive?) sister, and the male doctor all present. The doctor injected her with a warm fluid that made her feel a bit blissful and sedated, but she had some kind of plan up her sleeve. Somehow it didn’t really affect the way they supposed it would and she would take action, in the mean time she pretended. I saw from the perspective of the girl. She had a huge book in her hands. Apparently she hacked a computer so that this procedure actually placed a lot of money in her own account. Somehow her family had something important to do with government.

7:35:47 AM: I dreamed of a convenience store where most of the drinks and snacks got derived from insects and one could see the insects through the packaging. Only the ice cream section seemed to have normal non-insect food.

7:45:58 AM: I dreamt that David Dalrymple I worked at Sailthru. I had made some silly breakthrough with a programming language and I overheard him talking to his mom about how much he liked it, how he hard problems to work on and felt really supported.