12 16 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

7:33:15 AM: Dreamed of hanging out with Kevin and Andy and some of the other college guys and we did some strange substance together that kind of tasted like aluminum. We played some game together (I remember each of us counting out one of each type of Risk piece, and a few more pieces apparently), and then we planned to go to this music festival that took place in front a big face-like rock formation famous in the area. I also dreamed about some strange real estate deals. I remember going to a market to stock up on some peanut butter and rice. I remember Ethan saying that Ezra and I lived in a car together and that the car had cum all over the inside. He said this to Manya. I remember having to put out a fire in a wastebasket caused by putting an almost finished joint in there.