12 17 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

7:35:03 AM: I dreamed of meeting Cat from Sailthru and explaining what I used to do my friends from back there, I tried to remember people she might have known like people from the account management team. I dreamed of seeing Randall with Melissa Dundan in a subway station. I dreamed of Paul Graham showing everyone on hacker news this trading program that pulled in all the stock exchanges and ran on ordinary laptops, before running it he closed all other programs. I dreamed of this huge building that uncle jack lived in where everyone who lives in it gets their money invested in the stock market as part of this automated scheme and the dividends and profit pay their rent. The building has huge stadium seating that overlooks the city and it towers above things. I snuck into the building and grabbed a set of maintenance keys left in a door and began exploring to find Uncle Jack’s apartment. I dreamed of a game group and trying to meet up with them.

10:50:48 AM: Lately I have fallen a bit behind in terms of both journalling and logging my activities. I have a lot to catch up on. So on Monday Daria and I made luv, and it felt really great for both of us I think. I came first but kept going and then she came. Good times. That night a spider appeared crawling on Daria and she freaked out, but I rescued it by letting it crawl onto me and then I placed it behind the trash can where I figured it could probably catch a lot of bugs. I felt really happy to have a spider in the house although Daria felt quite scared by it. I like spiders, I like them as a totem. I would like to research it a bit more.

10:54:51 AM: Yesterday I had a long struggle but then I finally decided to go to jujutsu right in the nick of time. I felt really glad that I did, I think I would have regretted if I didn’t. We learned about escaping from omaplata and learned about omaplata as a result. During sparing I met Brianna a far girl with bright pink hair (I felt amused, again the universe brings me an approximate result, so I will keep waiting). I submitted her five times in a row after I had a draw with Hector. I had two x-chokes off on her, some sort of shoulder lock (maybe americano?), choked from above once, and got an armbar too. I felt pretty good about how my body launched into those moves. Justin who I just met that class also submitted me once and then we had a draw due to time ending. Good times.

11:07:40 AM: I have decided I want to watch Satoshi Kon’s movies and Paranoia Agent during my break. I had an inkling that he made paranoia agent, funny that I suggested it to Jesse after watching Paprika not actually knowing he had made Paranoia Agent. Very interesting. I would like to watch all his films. Every Picture a Frame definitely showed how brilliant he seems at making cuts.

11:09:31 AM: I need to practice YOU a little bit before I deliver it to my audience at Get Lofted, an open mic event that Mike Ketigian has organized.

11:10:32 AM: Today we will interview the last candidate for the lead link position. So far I consider Erin in the lead, but we will have to see how this guy does. I find a little bit strange that Sam participates in these interviews given that he would work with Erin as a lead link, but I don’t know what to think of that. Anyway, I felt a little bit disappointed that Sam turned out not the reluctant leader I thought but actually wanted the lead link role, but I can live with that. It gave me a different perspective on Sam as someone who does want to advance his career. I don’t quite know what I want to do here, I think I would like to consult the yijing about my future. I would probably like to work more part time so I can devote more time to my own projects.

11:13:27 AM: I feel pretty happy with Daria right now which I will savor before the Great Write kicks off. That will make it more of a sacrifice to truly lose someone I luv, but I still look forward to the future.