12 18 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

12:02:51 AM: Perfect, well, it seems I still have some time to myself to write to U before Daria gets home. I had a great day today. It has felt amazingly long. Gave a lecture in the morning where we implemented updating a task with AJAX on the ToDove app (also earlier in the week Ricky gave me a Rock Dove sticker that fits very well with the other stickers on my laptop). I got to meet Michael Scott who does HR and benefits for DBC now and felt good because he seems like a good guy who does want to help us out. Later I had a tactical meeting with the teachers where Steven Harms aired some of the frustrations that I felt, and I decided that I would move the NYC tactical meeting to Friday so that pretty much all our meetings could occur on Friday. Good times. I always find Friday a really dead day. I went to Open Kitchen for california rolls and then ate those while Todd interviewed for the lead link position. I had a very positive first impression of him from talking to him before the interview started with Sam, but as the interview dragged on I felt less and less confident in him, and later when discussing him with Zack and Kimberly I learned that Kimberly really doesn’t want him and would rather have Erin, so I will cast my vote for Erin, who I feel sure can do a great job.

12:05:54 AM: I felt nervous today about the timing of a few different things that all worked out in the end. I worried about the scheduling of a phone call from the Rumpl people, because I told them to call me at 12:30 when I would have actually felt quite busy. But they messed up the time zone conversation and schedule it for 3:30, but then actually ended up calling me at 4:30. Anyway, I had a chat with them and we discussed how they want to get a blog going on Rumpl, which I thought I could setup easily enough using Shopify. Obviously David from Oliver’s has said good things about us because I got instant approval.

12:08:48 AM: I met Katie today, the woman who will take over Sarah’s role while she goes on maternity leave. She seems nice. Today we had the difficult conversations EE where I realized I have a lot of difficult conversations to have with Daria.

12:09:28 AM: The other timing thing involved a conflict between taijutsu and Mike Ketigian’s open mic tonight. I thought that I would have to arrive late to the open mic, and stinking from taijutsu sweat besides. But actually things worked out great. Everyone except me bailed on class so I showed up and had a one on one with Josh Polier that really helped me with ura gyaku and with tsuki. For ura gyaku when going forward it helps to angle the front leg like doing hira so that it pushes their leg to the side.The back arm needs to push their arm to the side. Transfer all weight to the front foot. Cross step should trap leg and coordinate with gyaku starting. When unfurling out back foot has to get back on the line, the front leg needs to maintain the contact to buckle their knee in. Get the wrist to 90 and crank the hand parallel to the ground. On tsuki I shouldn’t swing the hand up so that it feels like chi no kata, it doesn’t work like chi. I have to tsuki at any distance. Even if my tsuki stops half way it has to penetrate.

12:26:00 AM: After class I had just enough time to shower, perform a lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, invoke Hermes and then head off to open mic just in time to arrive right on time. All because Josh ended class because everything lined up because the universe really worked for me today because awesome. At the party I met Gerard who Mike had meant to introduce me to for a while. We hit it off right away talking about journaling. He told me about his experiences in a rain forest in Peru. I told him about my experience in the ayahausca circle. He told me about how during his ayahausca trip he astral projected and felt his point of consciousness leave his body like ungluing from a television screen. And then he communed with spirits. Good stuff. Anyway, I volunteered to go first and shared my poem YOU. I didn’t actually deliver the whole thing because I totally forgot the refrains that started U, U, U, but it ended up working out fine. People thought I did a really good job. Also I got a lot of comments today on my posture while sitting on the benches. I guess I keep my back straight while sitting on chairs like that. I heard some beautiful singing.

12:43:18 AM: I feel really excited to meet U soon. I can see the spell working and I now have a healthy sense of pronoia that if I keep living out my life the way I want I will meet U.

12:44:03 AM: Daria has started yelling at the cats. I think she ought to sleep rather than continue to cram for this exam, but I don’t really understand her approach to school anyway.

12:45:49 AM: Anyway, the reason I know the spell has begun to work its magick: today I met a woman named Elisa, another close match on the name. Some great characteristics like her hair and her amazing voice. Seriously, she blew our minds with her signing. But anyway, she’s not U. I can’t wait to meet U, I know that I will recognize U when I see U. Interestingly a lot of women today said that I looked familiar. Not sure how they figured that. Maybe they just saw me on Facebook. A lot of great performances tonight, more than I can write about really, but I will try. Matt and his wife Joyce performed a duet. Joyce sang solo. Amber shared a story of working with a mentally retarded child and his mother, she does genetic counseling, and the child hugged his mom while she felt really guilty for drinking during his pregnancy and they tried to explain to her that she didn’t cause it. Mike shared his Drink the Koolaid poem which he has declared finished. Ohan shared a new piece. I got to hear Jaime perform which I found amazing. Amanda shared a beautiful poem on beauty which really resonated. I told her about the line about beauty in the dao de jing. Leslie and Anna talked to me a bunch, Leslie definitely wanted to get in my pants, but no thanks. Nice enough girl but again, not U.

7:39:21 AM: I dreamt of going to this crazy party/rave with Mike and some other people and every got really excited about this super professional molly dealer that had the straight dope. I took it and Daria took it and everyone took it. Daria didn’t feel much thought due to her meds so she didn’t have as great a time as the rest of us. I ate lunch with some well connected people who hooked up some more molly. We danced to at the rave. The dealer checks your ID before giving U the molly, interesting. I never paid, also funny.