12 2 2013



Did the secret smile a bunch of times yesterday. I realized that for confidence in abilities I should remember the feeling after I give Daria an orgasm. Which also then leads very nicely into remembering the feeling before my own orgasm. So that dovetails very nicely.


More of these one arm pull-ups. I feel that I will be very strong after a while. In terms of exercising my eyes I was doing tracing and noticing some great improvements in my vision.


Donovan showed up and gave Anthony and I tips on san shin and then we practiced sui no kata and ka no kata. Then we switched to doing omote gyaku, and I think we made some good progress with it. It’s important to have flow during the technique for it to work, because the opponent has to stay off balance. When turning into ko-ichimonji it’s important to bring their arm up and drop and turn and match elbows all at once, and then it works.


Dreamed I was meant to take a flight to somewhere, but I left in a hurry and forgot a lot of stuff I needed like my passport. I was driven there by Matt Guindin from work, and as soon I we got to the airport he coincidentally picked up two of his friends from the airport. The airport was really futuristic, you took trains to all the actual air terminals And apparently I was completely late for my flight in any case, but I couldn’t get through security. I got a phone call from the airline and was told that Shaun helped me out by rescheduling my flights, and then picking me up from the airport. I guess he was slated to arrive at my house that day and had read my papers and figured out what was happening and realized I was already late. Somehow Daria appeared at the airport with me after I discovered that Shaun had rescheduled my flight. I had a lot of problems trying to text in my dream, but I was able to do it. Shaun sent me a text saying that he basically was capable of ruining anything with his attitude, which made me happy because it was the first time he had acknowledged that. After that, we went to this terrible pizza place that was going out of business because it was super old. Josh joined us there somehow. He launched into some technical argument about how the mist being generated in the restaurant to go along with music and light show was technically solid instead of liquid. Then the owner came and argued with him. Then the owner gave us a discount on all the food, and Daria was embarrassed. The owner kept doing really weird stuff like blowing on our pizza and meatloaf. It was not a great dining experience, but I tried to sympathize with him over the fact that his business was going under and he couldn’t get a loan in the current credit climate.

Anyway, I’m sitting at work right now, and it kind of feels like I’m wasting my time, but I do have things that I should do, so I should get to them. It’s just that as soon as I got here Melissa has started wasting my time with random low priority issues, so I don’t really get what the hell is going on. I guess she doesn’t know that I have more interesting work to do? Seriously, I don’t know what I’m doing here right now. Also, it’s a pain in the ass to have to install Murmurhash on PHP, it’s annoying that it’s not built in. I guess I have to talk to ops about this and see what would be involved in adding a new PHP extension.