12 2 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

I dreamed of helping my dad flee with this famous physicist from his rabid fans in an Eastern European country. The physicist seemed to fear for his life. When I pinned down the fan chasing him the fan told us how the physicist had a rare immunity to all forms of disease. Earlier in the dream I had gone to a math competition with my dad and the physicist where I did not do well, so we went to leave the competition and ended up having to run away from it. The competition took place in an epic looking library or train station with huge spiral stairs. The physicist told us a story about getting laid off as a waiter because he took too many liberties with the food he served, drinking rum and cokes, taking slices of cheese, etc.

I dreamed of playing some sort of very realistic RPG game with my friends. I remember visiting a shop where we bought these disease masks that made our characters look really attractive and hacking the registers so it cost less, then we ran off to our van. We went to investigate a city under a plague. I think this tied in with the physicist.

9:52:15 PM: Great jujitsu class today. I submitted both Hector and Amy, and passed them both. And I think I swept Amy, but I don’t remember exactly. Against Amy I attacked her elbow and shoulder until she tapped. Against Hector I choked him using a rear choke. Today we learned an interesting sequence moving from cross choke to arm bar to triangle choke. Cool. We also did two drills that taught passing. I found those very useful and finally had an idea of how to pass today. We practiced the cross choke again, of course.

11:32:28 PM: Did the KAP meditation, didn’t consciously do most of it, but it seems like my subconscious took over because I still felt great when it ended. But it really sounded like after bringing the energy to my crown I didn’t hear anything. I didn’t hear the secret smile at all, too zoned out. But it feels like my body still performed it for me.

11:33:26 PM: After jujitsu today I formed a theory about maybe why Dr. Morris found martial artists getting enlightened so frequently. I found that after doing a lot of physical activity rather than going with the normal way of things and panting to try to “catch my breath” instead I tried to go back to silent breathing right away. My theory: exercise brings up a lot of yang energy stored in the root or hara (not sure). Most people can’t handle all that yang in their body so they breathe heavily to push it out of the body. Instead if I breathe quietly I can circulate that yang energy through my body and recharge my yang reserves instead of throwing that energy away. People get tired from their exercise precisely because they throw away their yang energy and then have to restore their balance of it.

11:35:28 PM: Hm, I need to fix the bug with previews not working.

12:01:47 AM: Happy to have fixed this bug. Very happy, as a matter of fact. Maybe I will get around to fixing the “AM” bug too, I would like that. But for now I have things functioning properly more or less, so I feel happy about that. Perhaps my dream of recursive tree editing will yet come. I have learned much from working on Self-Mastree that I can incorporate into the second iteration of the wiki.

12:05:55 AM: Anyway, did just a little taijutsu on the principle that I should keep my breathing even. Now I will go to sleep.