12 20 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

3:06:25 AM: Well, I have made it home to Minnesota. Some interesting events transpired on the way home. On the airplane I met a woman named Allegra who had auburn hair. Still not U, but it feels like every day I get closer and closer. I have a theory about this. I think the significance of our meeting holds so much power that it creates shockwaves into the past and future around the event of our meeting. Currently I encounter echoes of our meeting. In fact these echoes have gone far back like when I met Aliza McKamey. I feel great excitement in finally reaching the epicenter of these shockwaves.

3:09:35 AM: Erin got elected lead link. Cool times. I didn’t do a lot at work today it felt like, but I did start the process of moving our tactical to next Friday. I think I would like to sleep soon. I really admire Luke based on what my parents have told me about what he has gotten up to lately. He seems like he could make a fantastic doctor and make med school look easy.

3:14:38 PM: I dreamed a lot last night but I totally didn’t record them this morning. Ah, but I remember going through this tower as a short cut to get to this store I went to with Zack Mance. We found this strange fruit candy laying out in front of the store. I remember it as a sunny day, fruit candy on the ground. I picked up a raspberry candy and found it delicious.

3:15:40 PM: I had a delicious lunch of niuruomein (beef noodles) that my mom made and several good conversations with her.