12 21 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

11:11:20 AM: I dreamed of a strange building where I had to go take a standardized test… I had trouble finding the classroom. Except the test didn’t really have any standardization because the teacher made up the test on the spot, we actually had to fill in the questions on our sheet ourselves based on what the teacher said. On this test we had to translate phrases from other languages into English, and the teacher gave us a Japanese phrase and an Arabic phrase. Also the students could just chime in and suggests questions and argue with the teacher about the point of the test and the questions. Very interesting. I also dreamed of working on my lectures for DBC. I also dreamed of visiting some fortune teller / psychic lady and working out with her the schedule for when I would visit. I guess I took classes from her and went pretty frequently. I also dreamed of visiting Andy and working on some game that we both played.