12 22 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

1:39:20 AM: Worked on Rumpl today. Huh. The font looks bigger on here today for some reason. Anyway, Wylie seems happy with the progress so far, I will make some small improvements though. I haven’t had a chance to work on RoyaltyReminder in a while. I would like to get to that soon, probably tomorrow. I would like to start my year end review soon too.

1:40:34 AM: Didn’t have much to discuss with Andy today it felt like, we played some magic, kind of interesting kind of not. I guess it seems a bit boring now, but we played three way games that felt pretty close with Priscilla playing with the sliver deck. And later Mark joined us and Priscilla left to make food for us to bring to the Spencer’s. Mom and Priscilla didn’t end up going to the spencer’s with us because they felt tired/sick. I had an okay time there. I talked to Alec and Chris and a little bit with Kari. Alec has realized he doesn’t love computer science and would rather have done mechanical engineering after he saw a job listing for spacex. Chris goes to Colby in Maine and does environmental science or maybe economics he hasn’t really decided yet. After getting back in the evening dad had a talk with us about religion and life paths and such, and I had a chance to share some of my philosophy with my family.

12:10:16 PM: Strange dream. I lived in some sort of city that sort of resembled New York, but not quite. I lived with some new roommates, I don’t know if I know any of them yet. Pretty sure I do, but I have forgotten who. This sketchy drug dealer sold my female roommate a whole suitcase full of heroin. I strongly caution her against it (apparently I have a history with it) and then we both snort small lines. She goes to lecture a group of people (in our apartment? strange, so I guess she worked as some sort of teacher). I felt really hungry so I went to look for the last slice of pizza that I bought from a pizza shop owned by a friend. I told my roommate about the dark night of the soul. I felt really weird from the heroin and felt like maybe the pizza could save me. By the time I found the pizza the sun had come out already. And I wanted to eat the pizza but a bunch of hungry people showed up so I ended up sharing most of the pizza, which I felt good about despite needing the pizza so much. Then I think the dream transitioned. I remember crossing this sewer that merged with a stream under a bridge. And then I started talking to a kid in rollerskates who has to manage the flow of the river and he talked about how they didn’t have the man power to move the banks of the stream in order to redirect the flow of water. He had two adults working with him but they seemed to work very sluggishly and the kid just went around in rollerskates. At some point I found some jujitsu guys and I stared sparring with a tall blond guy. Then I found this phoney seeming martial artist with a sword and he showed us some incorrect sword kamae. Then Hatsumi showed up and things got really interesting. Hatsumi started showing us and the phoney sword guy who sword techniques with his very long sword. He let the poney attack him and then he disappeared behind one of those asian partitions, he also dodged the bare minimum amount of the phoney almost hit him. Several on lookers playing the role of enemies stayed behind the partition. So he rolled over the the top of the partition, slicing everyone behind it, and then got the phoney too. Daria and I both had our minds blown. Then we followed him to his house where he had a young child like a nephew or something living with him. They had so many very creative toys in that house that I looked at, like many psuedo-living toys. One snake like toy that when I dropped on the ground would wiggle around places for quite a while based on the momentum of the fall. And a lego mindstorm toy that would eat sounds. It would travel to the location of large noises and absorb energy from the sound waves.

12:22:53 PM: I’ve never dreamed of Hatsumi. This feels very special and significant. Especially since so much of that dream seemed completely surprising to me I wonder if we made some sort of contact.