12 23 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

1:25:36 PM: I dreamed of visiting this park with some friends. Later I needed to walk out of the park to a parking lot where we left the car we used. A black muscle car it seemed like. I decided to take a different way there and ended up slightly lost. The city felt like new york. I stopped at a street vendor for some food and for some reason felt really conscious of trying to create exact change. I couldn’t find the park on google maps because apparently very recently it seemed like an industrial wasteland and they just converted it into a park and the satellite photos hadn’t gotten updated yet. Strange.

3:00:24 AM: Didn’t do much today, but I suppose I shouldn’t expect to get too much down while at home. I had a good time at Aunt Barb’s house and met her new partner Terry who I like and everyone in the family seems to like. He calls her Barbie which I find funny. I always feel struck by what a nice large house and in an expensive school district that Aunt Barb has, I guess she did alright in the divorce settlement and does alright for herself too. I tried to look at some porn but just found it profoundly disappointing compared to U.