12 25 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

12:42:10 PM: Dreamed I got trapped in a lucid dream with Andy, and we went around doing different ways to get out. At one point I thought Andy did the dreaming and if we focused on getting him up we could get out of the dream. I dreamed about working at Dev Bootcamp. One of my students got really behind. A black woman taking care of her little sister named Discovery on her own like as a single mother. I dreamed about biking through a game of crochet and getting hit by three balls on my way through and feeling really hurt because it seemed like the players aimed at me while I tried to get through unobtrusively. I dreamed of hanging out with Shaun Gosse and Andy Wiebe. At one point I remember packing cheddar cheese into a grinder by accident. Andy had to wait in line at an IHOP. It felt like we stayed in New York City.

12:56:03 AM: Good KAP meditation both today and last night. Today I did it sitting up and found it much easier to concentrate throughout, seems like a good strategy lying down doesn’t work as well for KAP. And I suppose Dr. Morris has said as much.