12 26 2013

I find Daria beautiful.


  • Change the journal template to include todo section, possibly update the journal system so that I can configure the template.
  • Call Fedex and tell them my apartment number so that I can get my passport back. 804235908448 (800) 463-3339
  • Call the hotel in Poughkeepsie and get a room, assuming we don’t get the room with Josh.
  • Register for reunion demo.


Yesterday I worked on disabling the autosave functionality and changing the way hotkeys function a bit. I think that I will find it an overall improvement. I think that I will do one of those leaving page confirmations, and also save the page when a person attempts to leave. That way I will avoid instances where I have forgotten to save my work.


Did KAP last night, and started the day off with it today. Interestingly I think I found the tensing we do at the beginning of KAP felt similar to the power lock exercise in Mantak Chia’s book.


I have not exercised consistently recently. While I stayed in Minnesota I exercised by playing various fun games with Priscilla and Daria such as carrying both of them on my back. Once I even carried both of them on my back at once.

9:34:14 AM: Two one-side pullups on both arms.

10:10:45 PM: One OSPU on both arms.

12:47:39 PM: Carried heavy bag of groceries home from TJ’s.

12:23:24 AM: One twenty minute yoga session and then sexercise.


Except doing demonstrations for Andy, Levi, and Kevin Martin and Priscilla I haven’t really practiced taijutsu much. I will practice today.

3:34:00 PM: Still need to get to this soon.

10:10:21 PM: Did four sets of tsuki from shizen on each side.


I think it would enjoy journaling more frequently. In fact, I expect that I will journal once per day. I wish that I had journaled more while I stayed in Minnesota, because I had interesting dreams there and I had interesting experiences. But I do not regret anything that I did in Minnesota, I had a good time during the trip. I did feel sad when Mark seemed rather withdrawn from everyone by my observation, but I hope that I can improve things for him. I regretted the time he came over to hightower when everyone had gone home, and after a while I went into the basement to play Dragon Age 2, which I did not enjoy much after a while, and left him alone upstairs to play call of duty instead of spending as much time as I could with him. I felt like a dick for doing that, along with introducing him to league of legends. Alas, I think he too will have to learn the hard way that I didn’t find league of legends a useful skill. Although I do think that perhaps it could teach a person some useful skills.

7:38:43 AM: I want to start using E-Prime as much as I can. I want to revise this wiki software so that it will highlight uses of ‘is’. I believe I will find it beneficial to only use ‘is’ for magic.

3:34:10 PM: Daria sleeps for now. I feel tired, a side effect of getting up early. Haven’t done much yet today except for what I got done before noon. Would like to accomplish more.

3:35:14 PM: Read some articles by FRATER.BARRABBAS that I found quite interesting, about sex magick and the like.

10:10:58 PM: Saw Federico at the office when I went in to pickup Daria’s maca root extract and bath robe. I feel excited at the prospect of experiencing what this maca root can do. And I think I will feel blessed when the maca root relieves suspected SSRI caused dysfunction.

I observed that Federico seemed well. He told me he lost money in bitcoin and the stock market recently, but did not appear too upset about it. He expressed excitement at the prospect of the new teams, and said that he would talk to Brian about forming a team with me.

12:23:48 AM: Tried a cocktail of one beer, a squirt full of salvia extract, an unknown (but very small) amount of maca root powder in milk and then had sex. I found it very interesting as I had a huge revelation. Daria didn’t orgasm after , like many times before. We tried multiple positions with intercourse and didn’t have any success. Then I tried fingering her and still didn’t have any success after both my hands tired out. Then as she touched herself I hit upon the winning idea. I masturbated to her. As soon as I started to feel good and moan, so did she. As I came so did she. The problems we had seem to stem from my own lack of pleasure. To really please her, I have to act pleased. Ramsey Duke explained in his excellent article the Magician or the Charlatan. To perform sex magick I just have to fake really enjoying it, which then leads to actually really enjoying, which then leads to Daria really enjoying. I can perform as a sex magician simply by faking it. If you fake it till you make it you actually make it.