12 27 2013


[ ] - RFC for A/B autosend refactoring. Do this early on, take the rest of the day off.

[x] - Do enough other work to take the rest of the day off.

[ ] - Need to call hotel today for Kaceminar.


7:32:29 AM: I would like to add some journal navigation hot keys, I think that would find use. Maybe I need to refactor the way I use the data field in iron-router because it seems to cause me problems.

9:25:43 AM: I think I would like to make the save functionality automatically determine when to create a new revision based on time or length of the edit so that I don’t have to bother with hitting ctrl-s vs ctrl-shift-s.


7:35:47 AM: About to begin KAP meditation.

8:17:10 AM: Well, a few observations. Closed eye visuals seemed a lot stronger. I think that may have to do with the light turned on in the room. I got really hot for a while even though I just sat there. I also felt a lot of chills moving up and down my body and can still feel them now. Everything I saw in my CEV had a green tint. Perhaps my heart chakra stays the most active.


One set of OSPU on each arm. One two armed chin up.



7:24:48 AM: Well here I sit, awake at this early hour. Daria didn’t have the will to wake up this morning so I let her continue her slumber. I think that I will start the day off with a nice KAP meditation, and then launch right in to work. I feel excitement at the prospect that I might finish my work for the day before Daria awakens. I wear my anti-corrective lenses right now. I have chosen to take the Power Vision System training more seriously, because I really want my vision to improve.

9:16:22 AM: Okay, well, I think that in an hour I did enough work to “pass” for the day. Which I find pretty cool. I think I will read some Quantum Psychology now with my plus lens on.