12 27 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

7:20:54 AM: Dreamed about pretending to work as a hacker that had killed people and then the US government got all in my business and laid a veritable mine field of surveillance equipment and bombs all over my hacking station.

7:07:56 PM: Great day so far and a lot of time still to go. We started out this day by getting up at 7:00 in the morning. We cleaned up the apartment a bunch and then went to Trader Joe’s. We got back by 9:00 with a bunch of groceries which I carried on my back and by 10:00 we received our Amazon Now delivery. Good times!

9:18:45 PM: Took a nap until 12 and then made lunch for Daria. I used the leftover kimchi soup we had, added some kale and egg to it and made rice. Then we went on a date to Harney and Sons we had a Parisian Black Tea there and the vanilla scones. After that I went to taijutsu. Today Andy, Justin, Anthony, James and Josh showed up. Josh showed us some new variations on muso-dori from shinden fudo ryu. Go into muso-dori bringing the front hand up the center line to make them flinch up. Lock the arm, then rotate into ganseki. New for kihon, practice with a rooting strike to start the movement, they have to react to the strike and get into kamae to start the movement.

9:20:06 PM: A really successful night of luv making. I conserved my energy while giving Daria an amazing orgasm and we kept going afterwards for a while. Then I had her get on top and practice her sexercising for a while. Good times.

9:30:57 PM: I think I will do a strength circuit now.

9:33:40 PM: Time to update the good ole reading list.

10:23:08 PM: Solid strength circuit just now.

10:58:41 PM: Just upgraded all my socks to Datsusara hemp socks.

11:44:40 PM: Solid banishing ritual and taijutsu practice today. Did a Tenacity circuit. Got lots of good tingles at the end of the LBRP, and I didn’t feel embarrassed about doing it in front of Daria. I think I might choose to perform the LBRP at the next open mic that Mike hosts.

11:45:46 PM: Speaking on Mike, I didn’t get to write up the events of yesterday. I got up earlier and played with Luke and Priscilla for a while. I bought Priscilla Sim City 4. Only ten dollars, pretty wild. We played some nidhogg and BS, which I won with my usual dirty methods. Then I went off the airport. I felt slightly stressed because it took my parents a while to come back from their walk and they took a while to get ready to drive me to the airport, but I ended up having more than enough time so it all worked out and I felt glad that I didn’t display any stress. My bag got pulled aside for extra screening at the security line, but things went fine. On the flight I met a nice girl named Madi who works as a kindergarten teacher at a Jewish temple on the Upper East Side. I got through my block pretty early on and asked her name and introduced myself, then we had very pleasant conversation during the entire flight which made the flight feel very short. So a nice time. I found out she writes poetry and creative non-fiction so I gave her a link to my writing and invited her out to Mike’s open mic. I haven’t heard from her and don’t know if I ever will, but I had a good time meeting her. I keep seeing echoes and reverberations of our meeting, I will feel so happy when the impact occurs.