12 28 2013


6:46:50 PM: Haven’t touched it yet today. Also some weird glitch just happened now which made the page refresh and lose my work. I wonder what happened.

7:58:41 PM: Okay, made it so that if more than 10 minutes have elapsed since the last edit this will save a new revision.

10:49:43 PM: Added journal template editing, which I find pretty nifty. However the way I implemented it leaves much desired. Sometimes with Meteor I just want synchronous programming…


6:47:13 PM: Didn’t start the day off with meditation as I felt hungover unfortunately from the night before.


6:47:32 PM: Haven’t exercised yet.

7:19:30 PM: Four sets of OSPU on each side. Then two sets of OSPU with the new protocol (shoulder must hit the crossbar thing).


6:47:41 PM: Haven’t practiced taijutsu yet.

7:18:02 PM: Four sets of open handed tsuki on each side, trying to do into hicho at the end. Still finding that difficult, but I have improved. Then two sets of nuki to tsuki with the bokken on each side.


6:47:49 PM: Okay, so it seems that I paid a high price last night when I went out to drink with Randall. I woke up not feeling too well, having found that an itch in my throat evolved into soreness. However, later in the day using the power of Placebo I fought off my maladies for the most part.

I feel curious about the way the body blocks off nasal passages during sickness. According to the yogic theory each nasal passage brings in a different kind of prana into the body, and pranic imbalance causes sickness. In that case, perhaps the body naturally blocks off nasal passages in order to restore balance as necessary, and clearing out the nose counteracts the body’s natural efforts.

I find E-Prime interesting because it both eliminates a lot of ambiguity but also forces me to eliminate certain waste word phrases, and it forces me to write in active tense, because I can’t write passive sentences using the normal forms.

I feel intrigued by the idea of using Ben Franklin’s daily schedule that I read about earlier today, but I think I would have to modify it a bit. Beginning and ending each day with reflection on what to accomplish and why seems an important part of the schedule to me.

Now I think I will finish reading Quantum Psychology and then get on with the rest of what I choose to do. I have found reading with the plus lens on more exhausting, but I interpret it as a good sign, as changing my eyesight for the better will undoubtedly require energy.

7:22:39 PM: Okay, going to start living my a new maxim. If you do it now you will do it. You will it if you start.

7:59:09 PM: Would like to write something called “The Program” into this wiki that instructs me precisely what I need to do next in this day.