12 28 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

9:52:46 AM: Dreamed I looked up Daria’s horoscope on a little astrology site and they had content written by two kids, one of whom made a video in which he told people about an astrology themed quest to go on and that he would send people glowsticks and smiley face candy but also tabs of LSD. Before that I dreamed that I went to the U of MN’s campus with family and while there we wanted to buy Priscilla a watch, but it would cost twice as much if we bought it on a weekend. We went there on a Sunday. We argued about whether we should buy it that day or not or come back the next day. We could have just bought it then and then activated it the next day because it based the cost on activation time. But then Priscilla activated it right away.

  • () I love Ethan so I will setup nginx and postgres and redis for RoyaltyReminder
  • () I love Wylie so I will read his email and finish up the Rumpl work.
  • () I love so I will