12 29 2013


  • Update my reading list with all the latest.


  • Add Task point creator for wiki


8:21:00 AM: Started the day off with KAP meditation today. Felt great, very strong energy movements this morning, even though I zoned out through parts of it. I felt that I connected with my solar plexus and root better today.


8:21:42 AM: Started off right away with two OSPU on both sides.

9:14:39 AM: One set of OSPU on each side.


9:13:56 AM: Did two sets of shizentai to ko ichimonji to ichimonji to hicho to tsuki to hicho on both sides.

10:08:20 PM: Went to class this evening. Learned a bit about nuki. When drawing into a cut, the blade must remain on the same plane as the sheath so that it comes out parallel to the ground. I’ve done the basic nuki wrong unfortunately. We did an aggressive/advanced variation of musha dori which I absolutely did not get yet. Only Josh and Ignacio showed up for class so it felt a bit advanced for me, but I always appreciate seeing the higher level techniques.


8:21:56 AM: I dreamed this morning that I went back home. I didn’t exactly recognize home, although I recognized Priscilla’s room that I stayed in during the dream because Luke invited me to hide and play computer games in the closet. I remember Mark quarreling with my parents again. Mom had this sheet of Chinese QA for her business that dad brought up, I don’t know what that had to do with the argument. I played a game with Andy where I had a few characters of different types. I remember Daria with me. I remember I read a list of abilities that I could acquire through magic along with examples of cool uses for those abilities, and I told Daria that I wanted to master them all or something to that extent. Luke wanted to play a different game with me up at night. We tried to hide from dad past our bedtime basically.

8:27:02 AM: I find that writing in E-Prime gets easier and easier for me. I simply must remember to avoid passive tense and it mostly falls together.

9:55:00 AM: Well, I think the day will go well so far. I’ve gotten something done form each category that I want.

10:03:49 AM: Prose Media has an awesome logo that looks like cleavage. Very subliminal.

10:08:30 AM: Well, I suppose now I shall just read. I don’t want to do taijutsu when Daria sleeps in case I bother her.

11:43:57 AM: holy shit that felt scary and weird. I had just put down the illuminatus trilogy to take a nap and I had some really weird dreams with Daria. Daria had a clone that she planned to kill. Daria had really weird hair. I kept trying to wake up out of these creepy dreams and ended up in another creepy dream. .I felt struck in dreams where I slept in the position that I slept in, so it felt like I could able to wakeup but couldn’t. Really strange.

5:24:07 PM: Made Daria come with my hands today. I have observed that moaning in pleasure during sex helps me stay in the moment and enjoy it more, and so it acts as a self fulfilling prophecy just as Ramsey Dukes explained. A very enjoyable time through and through. Also the Mantak Chia’s powerlock most certainly works for controlling orgasm.

10:10:41 PM: Still feeling relatively weird. Daria reports feeling weird on her third eye, which could imply good tidings for her chakras opening. I accidentally headbutted Daria while sitting on the bed and felt really bad about it. But she didn’t give me much shit about it. I love her.