12 3 2013


Did a bunch of PHP tickets today. Added retry logic to Netsuite. Fixed the down alerts script. Made is so that schedule_repeats can be run in parallel with multiple instances.





Today has been pretty fun. I’m curious to see how my one on one is going to go. I’m definitely going to devote myself to esoteric martial arts, I have decided.

Okay, stupid me. I have to work on an autosaver for this because I just lost several paragraphs that I wrote. However, I will rewrite them.

I saw first hand today how shaky memory can be, which my dad had often told me about regarding witness testimony. I thought that I had watched Spirited Away with Daria and she insisted that we hadn’t, which upset her because I was convinced that I had. But I think I actually watched it with Priscilla. What confused me was that I watched it with a female that I loved, so I guess I got the two of them mixed up in my head at the time. In any case, I will confirm with Priscilla when I see her soon.

In other news, the hoshin jutaijutsu books that I ordered have not disappointed. In fact they have far exceeded my expectations. Today I felt and saw my aura. It’s still fairly small, only an inch or so, which is above average because I have been meditating, but clearly I don’t know how to generate energy yet. I think that I will study taijutsu under Josh while studying hoshin too, because I think understanding hoshin and generating energy is really going to help me out in taijutsu. It clearly was meant to be used, but it doesn’t seem to be taught much anymore as most people aren’t learning the ura or hidden side of the art.

Today’s one on one with Melissa went very well I feel. I think that this idea of non violent communication is very useful, and it seems that if I am just honest about my needs they will be met. I hope that I can get the same results with Daria, but sometimes I have doubts.

A great example of nonviolent communication would be the following:

“You are so patronizing.” -> “When you said ‘hallucinate’ it made me feel patronized.”

That way the observation is separated from the evaluation. I felt a bit hurt when Daria called me patronizing, although I can understand where that is coming from. I think I am patronizing her, literally, and that kind of hurts me because I don’t always feel appreciated for that, and frankly I don’t want to be patronizing her.