12 3 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

Crazy dream. The power got interrupted so all our phone alarms went off at the wrong time, a big announcement came from the building saying that and everyone in the building tried to rush off for work. I couldn’t just leave my apartment because some people in it had three dogs in there with my cats. In a rush I tried to give them a set of keys so they could lock the doors after getting their dogs off because I had to run off, late already. The stairway out of the apartment building had all these weird portraits of someone’s family. I left my apartment without shoes on, and the road to the subway got all ripped up by massive construction. All the construction workers played catch with little kids. One of the guys missed and I threw the ball back to him but he didn’t catch it and it fell in a hole. I thought to myself that qi gong attracts aliens for some reason. I realized I didn’t have shoes and saw a lot of wet shoes laying on the ground that people apparently abandoned because they got so soaked and I thought what a bad day so far.

Before that I dreamed of getting ice cream on some sort of trip with friends.

I have devised a ritual. I will plan out who I want to become in the future at age 50. Then I will pledge that at age 50 I will, using the occult powers I have amassed, send back through time an upload of information that I need to me at a given date (say, two weeks from now). On that given date I will lie down and meditate for an hour or so and receive the information sent to me from the future. Then I will proceed to live my life using that information and close the time loop. Groovy.

11:30:12 PM: I had a nice time seeing Ian at the panel and helping Sarena and Mari with it. I feel nice because Steph, Rob, and James hung outside smoking and they thanked me for all I taught them. Funny I still catch myself typing in third person. I suppose that shows the power of the ritual I worked. The more badass I make Matthias the more badass I make myself. I suppose the story of Matthias will never end, despite November ending. I feel optimistic about my students’ projects, but we will have to see how Steven feels about them. I will feel interested to know if he grades significantly differently from Courteney or not.