12 30 2013


  • Fix transactional stats upsert failure
  • Upgrade devtools to take a numeric parameter at the start
  • [] Navigate between journal days with hotkey.


11:51:41 AM: Well, I did the Sailthru stuff. Maybe I will add journal calendar navigation to the wiki next.


11:31:52 AM: Very strong feeling today. Felt very light towards the end of secret smile.


11:34:59 AM: Two sets of OSPU both sides, moderate speed.


10:35:30 PM: Practiced hicho no kata a bit, and then did some tsuki. Had class this evening where we went over a counter to sword tsuki that parries the opponent’s blade down and leaves them open to counter attack very rapidly. Nobody except Josh seems able to do it, which I suppose I typically observe.


9:52:11 AM: Going to get my Sailthru work done today before I start everything else, since I will stay home today.

11:32:13 AM: Daria reports having a lot of stinging sensations in her third eye. Interesting. I think I may have started opening up her chakras.

10:36:49 PM: I feel a little awkward here at night because I saw the nice cleaning lady and therefore feel a little awkward grabbing some snacks. I suppose I should know in my heart that I shouldn’t do anything I wouldn’t feel proud of the whole world knowing about. So if I choose to do it then I should just do it regardless of the fact that she will observe it or not. But I think that I will simply do the ninja thing and wait until she has walked away from the kitchen area before I go ahead and grab a bunch of snacks. I think that tomorrow I would like to tackle one of the query builder changes.

10:40:15 PM: I still find writing and thinking in E-Prime difficult, but I do find it easier to rewrite the sentences that I write in error, so that feels like progress.

7:55:54 AM: Played with whip cream with Daria, found it quite fun.