12 4 2013


Trying to figure out what I’m motivated enough to do at work today. Maybe I will start conducting tests on the distributions of the hashing algorithms. Maybe it is worth checking out crc32 here. A hash algorithm that returns an integer would be most convenient for this.

Just thought of a new feature for the blog. For these journal entries I’m writing throughout the day and it isn’t always clear when I’m writing, so I would like a keyboard shortcut that just inserts the time of the day into the buffer at the cursor position. That way I can log entries to this journal during the day.

Also I want to be able to customize the journal entry template so that as I think of things to add or remove I can do that easily.


I should meditate with Federico and Max today. That would be good for me.

Well, I didn’t do that, but… I did refine the secret smile a bit. I’m going from the bottom up and it is really effective.

First I get all relaxed as if I were smoking weed before sex. This corresponds to the red root chakra. Then I remember the feeling of being about to come. That really charges me up and makes me feel good. That corresponds to the orange navel chakra. Then I remember the feeling of confidence after making Daria come, which corresponds with the yellow chakra. Then I remember the feeling after we have made love of looking into her eyes and loving her, which corresponds to the green heart chakra. Then I think of laughing with her as we crack jokes together, which corresponds with the blue throat chakra.


Haven’t done this yet today, I should get right to that.

Okay, did two one arm chinups and two pistols on each leg. I think that should be sufficient.


Can’t go to class today, but I sent an email to Alan Antopol, who is a first dan in hoshinryutaijutsu. Hopefully he gets back to me so that I’m able to learn from someone who knows first hand how it works.

I read more of the Hoshin book today, I guess I’m going to take a day off of training, since I was really tired from yesterday, and I spent all of tonight making love with Daria, and we are going to be getting to sleep earlier, so that we can feel more rested in the morning.


Weird dreams today.

I was in an airship that was part of some kind of roleplaying scenario where the people on board were pretending that there was a zombie outbreak on the zeppelin, but then it crashed into something sort of resembling Saddlewood.

Daria and I were going to a motel to have sex at some point, although we started watching porn and never got to the sex part. Somehow my parents were involved here too, this part is fuzzy.

I was with Daria and we were on reddit and we saw a picture of Scarlett Johannson and I wrote that she didn’t look that good in the photo, and then they attacked me with comments and made fun of my hobbies. Then somehow I saw three guys hitting on this one girl who is very pretty too. Daria and I intervene and we make fun of the guys, and the girl comes with us. Then we go to the foodcourt of the hotel and Daria and the girl eat. I’m sitting next to the girl and I tell her that we are dreaming, and once she knows that she can wake up and start experimenting. Across from me sitting next to Daria is apparently Brandon, who says something I don’t remember, but I tell him “Holy shit you must have gotten so smart by writing down everything you said that was smart”, which is why I’m writing this down. The girl leaves, but I text her all this information about this reality. I also facebook message her. The facebook messenger screen has all this weird information about how you have to verify a “waif’s age” because they might be under 18 and all these other ominous warnings about having sex with her. She’s trying to convince a senator of something, and I tell her that the senator’s son was paralyzed because his spine was broken during a car accident.

Recursion is so key to understanding existence. If a programmer does not understand recursion I would hesitate to deem him a programmer at all.

Hopefully I can help Daria follow through on more of her resolutions, like that she wants to do a MIT lecture every day or use one of those workout videos everyday.

Overall today was a decent day. I really enjoyed the quantum mechanics thing. I wasted a lot of time today being in meetings, but I wanted to be there for jordan and plus it was good to get some ice cream. I’m a little sad that I keep having to deal with Netsuite, and I hope we can get these current issues resolved, because it is really quite silly that we can’t, but whatever. I think I should be able to figure out a way around these problems eventually. It’s really weird that whatever other thing we have integrated with netsuite is overwriting our data. That is really rude.

Anyway, today as I was about to come I channeled the energy into creating two servitors, one for each eye, that are going to help me dramatically improve my vision by the time I go to Palantir. That is going to be really awesome. Their sigil is very simple, just a sideways eight with a line through the middle that splits off at the end. I expect that they shall work very quickly and that I will be very happy with the results. Provided they do as I task them, I shall keep them alive for a long time and upgrade them and feed them further energy and give them sentience. That will be their reward.