12 5 2013


12:32:51 AM: Made this awesome change that lets me quickly enter in new timestamps. This will be especially nice because I often, like right now, journal at weird times of the day, and this will help me keep track of that. So I’m really happy about this.

12:34:00 AM: I anticipate being able to do a ton of refactoring, because underscore is really powerful and there are totally things I could rewrite now that I know I have underscore. Also I can start making things more object oriented.

2:43:23 PM: Ugh, seems like I really should figure out a way to change the way the index page displays because sometimes it can take a really long time to load and it doesn’t display anything while the subscriptions are loading. Maybe I can make that wait() the initial subscriptions, but the way javascript scoping works is a bit un-ideal. But I suppose what I could do is in the Router pass ‘this’ to the setRouteSubscriptions method so that way I could use the wait() methods on those subscriptions. I think it’s worth considering.

2:46:21 PM: I’m not sure how I feel about the way revisions are done right now, I think perhaps it should be easier to save new revisions because right now I’m basically just always saving over the current revision.

2:46:55 PM: I think I might implement AVL and Red Black trees in Ruby, since those seem to be a weakness of mine right now.

2:49:27 PM: I think I want to save view information in mongo so that it persists and so that every wiki page has its own viewport state, which would fix the annoyances with the current process. But I could also just store which prose has the viewport information and invalidate it when the prose switches. That might be the easiest solution right now.

3:26:00 PM: I’m curious about how scheduling algorithms like those used in the Linux kernel could be applied to actual life. I don’t see much reason why I shouldn’t take advantage of algorithms for scheduling tasks that all have to get done in my own life. It certainly seems like my computers are better at scheduling than I am, and it’s just because they are using algorithms and I’m not. Of course, their tasks are a little better defined than mine, but I think that must be part of the point of Getting Things Done is figuring out exactly what the tasks are so that they can be scheduled like that.

3:29:33 PM: To a certain extent the analogy of a brain with a computer is vacuous, but on the other hand, it can be an extremely useful analogy. I think that it is worthwhile for me to dive deep into computer science as a way of debugging and optimizing my thought process using novel algorithms. I will investigate scheduling algorithms.


I think that I will continue refining the secret smile meditation until that is basically second nature to me. And I should continue practicing mushin of course, and see if I can get better and better at directing energy.


Did one pullup and two one armed pullups on either side.


I should make sure to practice taijutsu today since I didn’t yesterday.

Going to practice tsuki today with an emphasis on keeping my butt in and my spine straight, and not stepping so far that I can’t do hicho from where I stop.

6:06:11 PM: Okay, tsuki is pretty hard. Also, starting to feel the qi while doing taijutsu, which I think is a great sign. I think kamae and everything we do will make so much more sense once I can feel the qi, which is why hoshin emphasizes developing a lot of qi so that the body can move with it.

6:09:54 PM: For leg workouts I suppose I shall just practice lots of hicho. I should be able to stand in it for like fifteen minutes without losing my balance. That is a great posture for training strength and balance, which I think are actually one and the same. It is crazy how exhausting just a little taijutsu every day is. Hopefully Dr. Morris and the Bujin will guide me towards enlightenment.


12:01:33 PM: I have decided that it is my true will that Melissa get an opportunity so great that she resigns from Sailthru to pursue it, as a result Matt G is made team lead, and my compensation also increases because I am able to negotiate for it using my offer from Palantir.

11:10:29 PM: Well, that church of subgenius video was certainly strange, but it did give me a lot of new ideas. Suffice it to say I will not be joining the church of subgenius, because to do so would be highly idiotic. The point is obviously to illustrate that anyone can create a religion regardless of how funny it might seem (Scientology, Mormonism, etc.) and people will follow. The people being anyone who isn’t a subgenius.

11:17:14 PM: I decided as a Yin person doing the secret smile from the top down makes more sense for me, and the progression that way makes more sense too. Laughter -> Love -> Confidence in sexual abilities as she comes -> ecstasy as I am on the verge -> to total relaxation in the aftermath.

11:37:44 PM: Okay, so that didn’t take too long for me to implement autosaving, which is pretty cool. And in a bit of “it’s a feature not a bug!” the scrollbar flashes whenever an autosave occurs, which is actually kind of nifty in a strange way. I’m really digging the hoshin book. Also I’m so glad that Daria when to sleep earlier tonight, because she has really been having a lot of restless nights lately and frankly has a lot of sleep to catch up on, so I’m glad that she conked out, even if it means we didn’t have sex tonight.