12 6 2013


12:11:05 AM: Well, I fixed some issues with this. Autosaving is working now, so that’s pretty awesome in my opinion. I’m starting to like CSS more now that I can actually understand it.

1:43:19 PM: I have to fix the fact that the autosave flickering is breaking selections. I guess I should actually save the position of the selection start and end and restore that… I wish I could just get Meteor to stop reacting to the autosave, because this is silly.


Started the Morris tape. I’m going to try it with Daria after we get high and make love.


One arm pull ups.


Practiced hicho and tsuki trying to keep my butt in and be able to go into hicho from tsuki.


12:17:33 AM: Now there isn’t much point in ever leaving the editor window, since I know that my work will be saved, which is a nice bonus of this new system. I like this quite a bit.

12:17:40 AM: I know that Daria is going to eventually become a beautiful soul, because in every relationship an energy exchange occurs and as Dr. Morris said, “The strong soul wins” so I can bring her up to my level over time. I feel like mom is doing this with dad, which is great. She has grown a lot in the past few years and I’m really proud of her for it.

12:31:11 AM: It’s too bad that Anton hasn’t replied, but I will do my best to study energy and awaken my kundalini on my own. It is said when the student is ready a teacher will appear. Perhaps Josh is already that teacher and he is keeping a lot of secrets from us. But maybe he isn’t. It’s ambiguous from his email.

1:11:41 AM: Just finished the Hoshinjutsu book. I think that I will devote myself to the KAP, I’m currently downloading the manuals. I think that could be the major aid to my taijutsu that I’m looking for.

1:46:55 AM: Wow, so I didn’t finish Glenn Morris’s kundalini CD yet, but let me just say, I have never felt so relaxed in my life I’m pretty sure. I didn’t see the colors yet while I was on the earth and water chakras, so I would have to guess that they aren’t that open. For one thing I can barely even identify where my tailbone is right now, which is rather vital.

3:16:28 AM: Okay, this has been a good night full of learning but I should go to sleep now.

9:22:51 AM: Sometimes this job really wears down on me… but I am dealing with it I guess.

11:58:45 AM: Dreamed I was at a strange house with Daria over. I tried to explore the housing and noticed the floors were during goopy so I guess I decided it was a dream. There was a girl and a guy in our room at the house with us. The house was in bad condition, and there was mysteriously another section to it that looked like a different apartment that I couldn’t get to because the floor was drooping. That was when I realized I was in a dream, and I bounced on the goopy floor. Then the first thought as I had upon realizing I was in a dream and thinking about what I wanted to do was have sex with Daria, so I went over to where she was in the room. I got distracted along the way by talking to a guy. I pulled out a bunch of magnetic needles from the ground which were facing up and seemingly very dangerous. The people in our room were apparently Daria’s friends? One of the girls started touching my penis with her foot which weirded me out so I went into kamae, and then we started mock fighting, it was very strange. Later Daria and I escaped outside. Daria and I had sex which caused me to ejaculate very quickly, seemingly in public which was strange. Then we ended up inside another apartment which big bay windows and it was dark out. I was seeing her aura which was deep blue against a black background, so it may be light blue. A buddhist monk/statue thing was talking to me about a television program he was watching about the dalai lama about how important it is that the staff only has one bell and not thousands.

1:44:27 PM: It seems like to win in the modern business climate I will have to become a sociopath by choice. At least I can be a good sociopath. The techniques of a sociopath, like any other technology, are neither inherently good or bad.

4:00:49 PM: I’m going to log off of IRC for a while and finish my reading, and then I think we have to finish mapping out ths psyche and elect a leader and figure out how to do fair scheduling.

8:41:16 PM: I hope Daria makes it home okay. I have been magnificently unproductive today, but I guess that’s what happens when I stay home and I don’t make a plan for what I’m going to do. I should still do the psyche mapping project at some point.