12 6 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

Dreamed of working as a secret agent smuggling some sort of file on my computer. Got up kind of late, didn’t really jump up to record my dreams. I know I dreamed a lot more but I don’t remember it today.

Yesterday I had a great time going through the Angel Tunnel again. It reaffirmed for me the value of working at Dev Bootcamp, and I got to say positive things to both my students and my coworkers. I told Sarena about how happy I felt the day she joined Dev Bootcamp and how I really enjoyed hearing her sing killing me softly. I told Kimberly that she holds all of Dev Bootcamp together and that she suffuses the whole space with her energy.

11:14:01 PM: Laughing that even Bill O’Reilly thinks what happened to Eric Garner didn’t seem right.

11:16:47 PM: So I accomplished the major objectives I needed to today. Setting up the new phase guide and sending out an email to the Rock Doves. I look forward to teaching them. I had a good time talking to DJ and Ashley on Friday night. I feel like I made the wrong choice to go over to Zack’s apartment on Friday night. I thought I’d enjoy it, but really I didn’t need to get high again and I could have stayed to help Kimberly pick up. I felt really bad that Kimberly had to close up the space by herself and it looked rather messy. Hopefully she didn’t feel too stressed that night but I want to apologize to her on Monday for not staying to help. It seems like while the students cleaned up (they must have dragged out a trash bag to the elevator) they made a big gross trail of sludge that will stain the carpets. The people working for the building did not sound happy with Kimberly who had to sweet talk them.

11:20:08 PM: I would like to get into DBC early on Monday. Like real early. And I will suffuse the place with my energy. I think I will bring the drum back and just play it before class, during lunch, and after if I ever stay after. That way I can use the drum to fill the space with my energy imprint. I know that by projecting sound I can imprint my energy on a space. Because I project my vibration (vibe) into the whole place.

11:22:12 PM: One day I would luv to make great music that projects my vibe across the world. What a wondrous thing. I currently enjoy reading the Root of Chinese Qigong. It has helped me rearrange the bedroom in a far more optimal way. Amazing how all the pieces just fit together once I went to rearrange them. I suppose that comes as one of my knacks that I get from having a grand earth triangle. Good times. I would actually like to go play my drums for a while. Hopefully that won’t bother Daria. But I also want to do a strength circuit. Also, I will start giving myself points for journaling.

12:31:06 AM: Cool, I cleared up a lot of email activity tonight, so I feel good about that.