12 7 2013


7:53:24 PM: Had an idea for this journal feature. I think I’d like to start keeping a todo in here for one thing, but also, I want to display yesterday’s journal side by side with today’s so that I get the sense of continuity and that I follow up with any ideas I had yesterday. I think that’ll be pretty cool.


12:55:50 AM: I tried to do Glenn Morris’s KAP meditation with Daria. I guess she still has some work to do regarding relaxation, but that’s okay. I understand that it is a process that takes time. Time to work on my psyche.

Still need to do the KAP meditation today, I would like to do that.


Went out for a walk around WSQ which was nice. Did some one legged jump ups on the benches. Did one armed pullups again.


Practiced kamae and hicho a bit.


3:20:08 PM: Had a great walk around Washington Square Park, and Rosie the hawk flew directly over my head again, as I was looking around for her. Since this is not the first time it has happened I am going to take it as a sign that I should investigate the Hawk totem.

7:53:29 PM: Very excitingly, Alan emailed me back today and we had a very pleasant phone conversation. He recommended I read Takuan Soho, and I have his Art of War as translated by Thomas Cleary, so I think that I should actually read that now. I have to say, I didn’t like the second Hoshin book quite as much as the first, but it was still good. That was a little more just talking about Soke Williams’ personal experiences and it seemed a bit less about actual techniques. But it was still interesting. I was sorry to hear today that he had been in a car accident. I’m excited to see what training will be like now that everyone is back from Japan. I’m watching this cool Kacem interview right now.

8:04:53 PM: Alan knows Josh and he knew Doc Morris. Pretty cool stuff. He used to work in IT.