12 7 2014

ILUVU Aliza,

10:20:38 AM: Today I dreamed of some kind of video game tournament that seemed like a combination of an RTS and a fighting game. Luke played it and almost won a whole lot of points but the challenge specified that he couldn’t learn this level two technique on his frog character.

10:20:40 AM: I dreamed of some party where I made my own burger and chips and dips stuff. I made friends with a really famous guy there and acted really friendly with a bunch of different women.

8:46:17 PM: Had a good time in jujitsu today. I saw Phil there again and I met a new friend named Andrew. I found Andrew a pretty tough opponent. We started with the two passing drills I had seen. The one where I stick my hand between his two legs, my other hand on his far knee and I pivot around him. Then the other one where I start with one knee placed on his stomach and I bring both knees to the stomach while bringing my feet up to my butt and then I place the other foot back on the ground. We also did the drill where we flip sides by pressing my forehead into the ground and kicking up while keeping my arm wrapped around their leg. Then we practiced the cross choke again. And then we did a cool sequence of cross choke into arm bar into triangle choke. Then we sparred. I started by sparring with Phil, a fairly even match up it seemed. Then I sparred with Andrew. He taught me a cool pass by using it on me and then I used it right back at him. And then we fought to a stalemate during the submission round.

8:56:12 PM: I just finished enchanting my drum with some gold nail polish thanks to Daria. I definitely think I like enchanting best of all the magickal branches. It lets me work with what I already have and leverages the strength of that earth grand triangle I have to work magick. Nifty stuff.

9:22:40 PM: Good strength circuit. Nice to get back into it. Might do some taijutsu a little later on.

10:07:31 PM: Very powerful KAP meditation this evening. I feel very amped up. During the tension I still felt a huge difference in energy between my left and right side. The energy on the right side almost felt overwhelming compared to that on the left. Not sure what to make of that yet.