12 9 2013





9:40:27 AM: Seems like there is no WSQ class today, which is a little bit regrettable. I guess that just means I’m going to have to practice on my own. It’s a little annoying that I’m going to miss two classes in a row due to Palantir, but that’s the price I pay for trying to be tricky I guess.


9:40:08 AM: Well, I must say that I feel quite nice and energized right now. I did the KAP meditation last night and again this morning, I think that this will be a good routine to practice. After ninety days of doing it I’m supposed to get great results, but I already feel some pretty great things already, so that is pretty cool.

9:42:50 AM: Woah, I can feel the energy in my hands a lot more strongly now, so that’s a cool benefit of this. Obviously the more energy I gather the easier all sorts of energy manipulation will get, because I will actually have enough of it to feel what I’m doing. That’s the major of goal of what I’m doing is getting to the point where I can feel the energy in my taijutsu, because I am certain that will greatly improve my abilities.

6:47:00 PM: Wow, there are a lot of new agers that go completely nuts with their reality tunnels. I’m obviously going to have to verify every result I get very carefully. I like this book I’m currently reading of Stephen K Hayes affirmations.