2 10 2014

Dream Journal

9:43:01 AM: Dreamt I stayed at some hotel with Sailthru people. I remember an enticing member of the staff. That Sailthru had system problems and George, Ann, and I helped out primarily. That I left my laptop somewhere else from the rest of the group and had to use SSH on a hotel computer to get work done. That I knew of a class going on too, somehow a school got involved in the dream too. Some of our developers went to the class, I think. The class bored me.


Plan Day


Good taijutsu class at Josh’s apartment. Anthony, Ian, and Mike showed up. I will meet with Mike tomorrow to teach him how to do html and css. We practiced hanbo technique.


  • (♥) I love myself so I will refactor my blog using Meteor FastRender.
  • (♥) I love myself so I will change Branch objects to have an “active” field to simplify queries on them. Then I will convert all routes to use server side rendering.


12:35:10 PM: Changed up my journal template. George made a good point that I had duplicate information in my journal and in trello. Since I find DRY a very effective mantra, I have decided to follow it and take George’s suggestion. Also, I think I will enjoy having work separate from my journal here, as not everything I write here looks appropriate for displaying in a work setting. Now I will keep all my Sailthru todos in Trello.

12:56:30 PM: Have a new setup at work, that feels pretty awesome, I think I still have some work to do with it, but I like this quite well currently. Well, I still haven’t perfected it yet, but I have an additional tool to work with. I suspect that I could figure out a way to make this extremely ergonomic.

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