2 12 2014

Dream Journal

11:04:57 AM: Dreamed that Daria and I had a dog that we chased around a huge backyard with this huge raised wooden walk way. Dreamed that I went to a hackathon with Randall and Dave, we went to eat at this burger and hotdog place. Later I came back to that place with a burger intending to have them add their hothouse sauce and bacon.

Plan Day

  • (♥) I love tekstflyt so I will write to Cheryl about maintaining it.





11:42:13 AM: Well, I don’t really know what I will do now. Despite knowing intellectually that I needn’t to, I feel rather shitty about how things have gone with Daria. I hope things turn out well. I feel worried about where and how she will live if she leaves me, especially since she wants to take KitKat with her. She says she doesn’t want to leave, and I don’t want her to either, so perhaps it will work out. She says that she will feel mad at me for a while, and I think I will wait.

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1:56:04 PM: Well, I enjoy life right now. Daria and I have made up. Feels a little unfair to her, because she can’t really stay mad at me for very long right now. Unfortunately our lives feel intertwined in a way that makes it hard for her to leave… and I have her rather addicted to orgasms so I feel like that puts an upperbound on how long she can hold out.