2 14 2014

Dream Journal

8:02:01 AM: Got off a train and had to pay some kind of fine? Hiding on the train. Searching for people. Hiding at an apartment. Some kind of game?

Plan Day

  • (♥) I love kitkat so I will buy him some new toys.
  • (x) I love Daria so I will buy us some cronuts to share.
  • (x) I love Daria so I will fold her origami flowers and write her poetry.
  • (♥) I love Jovena so I will respond to her email and tell her I do not want to look for new opportunities at the present.
  • (♥) I love Irene so I will compile monthly totals of sends and blasts for all clients for the past few months.
  • (♥) I love Daria so I will buy us delicious macaroons.


5:25:28 PM: Meditated at Sailthru for ten minutes. Laughed a lot because Jeff showed up and trolled a bit.



  • (♥) I love DraftPunk so I will fix a bug where the word_count doesn’t get loaded after the initial fast render load.


5:25:26 PM: Nervous and excited for Daria to get back. I hope she enjoys our Valentine’s Day together.

12:48:05 AM: Seems we had a nice v-day together. Daria said I gave her the best orgasm yet. Went to yoga together, I enjoyed Danielle’s class.