2 15 2014

Dream Journal

9:26:31 AM: Dreamed of cryptocurrency and sex with Daria, and Steve coming over with a huge nugget of pot and a lot of mushrooms. Dreamed that I visited home and Mark, Luke, and Priscilla all played some kind of league of legends game. They had this really strange candy that sort of explodes on your tongue and measures your vital statistics while it explodes to see how you can stand up to it. Actually, in my dream I didn’t get to have sex with Daria because we stayed at my parents house and we got interrupted by my dad and I got really angry at him and we fought.

Plan Day

  • () I love myself so I will expense my phone bill and replacement screen to Sailthru.




2:11:46 PM: Sailthru: CSS inlining for templates.


6:42:05 PM: Worried about Mark because I heard from my parents that he started a physical altercation. I have offered that he come stay with me because staying at home hasn’t worked out well for him.