2 16 2014

Dream Journal

10:39:14 AM: Daria dreamed she had sex with another man before she had met me. Also dreamed that a line of people queued up to have sex with her, she thinks she might have acted as some sort of sex slave?

10:39:52 AM: Complicated dream involving Sailthru people, hackNY people, and Taijutsu people. Josh showed me an interesting exercise involving slithering across the ground like a snake. Irina offered to drive me to taijutsu practice (somehow Minnesota and New York got mixed up) but then I had her drop me off at a huge McDonalds so that Daria could pick me up, because Daria texted me after Irina had already started driving me that she would like to pick me up. At the office a circle of ladies formed that apparently all had crushes on me, it included Ann, Kana, Irina, and several I don’t remember. Daria also stood in the circle talking to the girls. Ann had gained a lot of weight and someone made a snide remark about it as I walked towards the group. The comment seemed to make both Ann and Daria feel insecure about their weight, but I walked up to Daria and took her aside and kissed her and everyone else felt jealous because I love Daria. In some sort of store with Alex Akers we see the shockwave f rom a nuclear bomb, and then very fast moving glowing objects fly past us which we think looked like artillery shells. We start driving as far away from the bomb blast as we can.

Plan Day

  • (♥) I love Daria and myself so I will clean up the apartment.
  • () I love Daria and myself so I will go to Trader Joe’s.
  • () I love Daria so I will make sure she sends out her Hacker School application.
  • () I love yoga so I will go to stretch and relax.