2 17 2014

Dream Journal

10:23:10 AM: Dreamed I went on a bus from a hotel with Ann and someone else from Sailthru. We talked about how hard the AIME felt when we took it. I count the cash in my wallet. Josh taught a Khan academy class about setting traps and other ninja skills. I went to a party with Jordan. I attended a German class where someone didn’t seem clear on the difference between German and Dutch. A very beautiful girl in the class already could sing in German and knew a lot of languages, and she flirted with. We held the class in a library, not inside a room. A guy wearing a very strange outfit made of a buttplug and duct tape walked by, I think he ran out of laundry.

Plan Day



8:56:40 PM: Great class with just Josh and Mike today. I need to turn my hips out more when I tsuki. Practicing uke with weights, focus on the feeling of the arm resembling a taut rope which you swing with your spine not allowing your hips to turn. When the weight goes up, go down. Do not move with the weight and allow it to carry you up.


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