2 19 2014

Dream Journal

  • (♥) I love understanding my subconscious so I will record my dreams when I awake at 7.

I dreamed that I played a hybrid of Baldur’s Gate 2 and some game with fantastically better graphics and storytelling. I ended up feeling bad for this ogre when my party and I went to loot a castle and we ended up sitting down to eat and drink with him while hearing his life story.


  • (♥) I love understanding my body so I will attend yoga class at 7:30.

  • (♥) I love starting the day right so I will practice meditation when I get back from yoga.

  • () I love knowing what I need to do so I will plan my day after I meditate and before I go to Sailthru.

  • (♥) I love staying relaxed at work so I will practice strength and balance using the kettlebell at Sailthru.

  • (♥) I love protecting myself and others so I will practice taijutsu when I get back from Sailthru.

  • (♥) I love expanding my mind so I will read a book before bed.

git revert -m 1 c657dbc560681b6411c6afed5149444b4386a578

in case I need to rollback.

2:09:06 AM: yijing about sending out email about deploy… 17: Following

6 -- x -- 6
5 ------- 7
4 ---o--- 9
3 --   -- 8
2 -- x -- 6
1 ---o--- 9

“In order to obtain a following one must first know how to adapt oneself. If a man would rule he must first learn to serve, for only in this way does he secure from those below him the joyous assent that is necessary if they are to follow him. If he has to obtain a following by force or cunning, by conspiracy or by creating faction, he invariably arouses resistance, which obstructs willing adherence.”

Clearly pertinent to me at Sailthru. I should not create factions and fight through deceit.

“Thus the superior man at nightfall Goes indoors for rest and recuperation.”

Wow. What a synchronicity. I should just turn in and consider the fallout tomorrow.

  • () I love Sailthru so I will gather content from the development team for the career page.
  • () I love Sailthru so I will look into the jobvite API for integrating with the careers page.

Dear Ian, Chris, David,

I’ve brought this up before, in one of the dev wide meetings before we began our agile experiment.

A few links for your perusal about this Invisible Gun Effect: “Is My Boss On The Scrum Team”, “The Invisible Gun, excerpt from Agile Anti-Patterns”, finally, Michael James mentioned this in the “Scrum Reference Card” which Brian instructed all of us to read, presumably so that we would actually read it and understand it and apply the principles of agile.

I find it incredibly frustrating that Brian sits in all of our sprint planning meetings. He frequently overrules Studs, who I believe acts as the actual product owner, when we try to move the discussion forward. What do our discussion get stuck on? Catching up Brian on the current state of our system, the past state of our system, architectural decisions, etc.

He asks a lot of questions and expects answers. I think people should feel encouraged to ask questions, but not every question requires a detailed fifteen minute discussion so that a single person can feel satisfied. Frequently we have to answer questions that ONLY Brian doesn’t know the answer to. Each time we spend fifteen minutes answering a single person’s question we waste Numofpeopleinroom * 15 minutes. The person-hours really pile on.

I don’t feel comfortable telling Brian that he should have that discussion elsewhere. He likes to frame his questions as crucial to the continuation of the process and since he always takes the role of “moderator” has no hesitation to grind a meeting to a halt until we answer his question and he allows us to move forward.

I don’t think this constitutes an agile process. And while I respect Brian might intend to guide us towards an Agile process, I don’t think that works. I think we have to learn Agile ourselves, make our own mistakes. We should iterate on our own process, based on our own feedback. I think left alone we will actually hold ourselves to an even higher standard than Brian can hold us to, because we will push ourselves. I know everyone on my team feels a need to excel, and I think the best way to accomplish will involve getting out of the way.

Thank you for your time and consideration.