2 19 2015


7:14:25 AM: Dreamed of some sort of post apocalyptic landscape where me and the DBC people had to escape from the ruins of a city until we found this helicopter we could use. Alex Flores piloted the helicopter and we used it to fly back to where we came from with the plan of rebuilding our country. I dreamed that I gave a talk on events in JavaScript at some sort of hackathon that DBC put on in a hotel. I dreamed that during World War II some mints got poisoned so that it caused people’s hair to fall out and I ate a bunch of them and started to feel concerned that I would lose my hair. I dreamed of sneaking with someone through this big building into a restricted area. I dreamed of helping people get a computer system back online, again in the post-apocalyptic setting, I think and I remember digging through a bunch of rubble in order to reconnect a computer system.

11:16:20 PM: A great day. Learned a lot about astrology through Liz Greene, particularly she related Hephaestus to my chart which I found very interesting. Since I have a Chiron conjunct my Sun in Leo I obviously have some wounds to heal so that my light can shine. I have a lot of reflecting on my chart to do. I want to study the masters, I will study John Dee and Isaac Newton for sure. I will start sleep fewer than 6.5 hours a night, probably around 5. It seems the research shows this best, and I think I will have a lot more life that way. I don’t need sleep. I need to live. I have a lot to do and I need a system that will handle it better, I need to revise how treedo works so it will actually work. I have a lot of work to do this weekend to get the phase guide up to shape for the incoming cohort, the Sea Lions. I find it pretty funny that right after the Crabs I would have the Lions, just like in my chart. So I believe in this phase I have a real opportunity to let my light shine and establish myself as the inspirational teacher at DBC in light of both Sam and Steven Harms’ absence.

11:41:07 PM: I need to write an email to let Ben, Brendan, and Greg know that I will no longer require their services and I will handle the rest of the project on my own.